Better quality end-of-year reports in a fraction of the time.

ReportBox is web-based software for writing, checking and printing your primary end-of-year reports, either just for your class, or across your whole school. It’s improving the standard of reports in the UK, and saving hundreds of teacher-days of work every year. We think you might like it.

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TES Connect

We wanted to make our reports more effective and more consistent across the year group. Reports are important, but we didn't want teachers spending all weekend writing them. We've saved a lot of time.

Deputy Headteacher Bryony Roberts, in a TES Connect article about ReportBox

The Guardian

We use ReportBox [so] the repetitive information is automated and teachers' time is saved. In three years of using the programme, I've never had a single complaint.

Matthew Read, head of Oriel primary school in Hounslow, writing for The Guardian


While my colleagues speak of being up at 2am writing reports, mine took just over three hours, not 33 hours!

If ReportBox doesn’t improve the quality and speed of your report writing in a single term, we’ll give you your money back.

Takes the best bits of how you currently write reports

Reports are important. They help focus the teacher and parent on a trajectory for a student’s learning.

By focusing on removing effort on the mundane, repetitive side of report writing, ReportBox frees you up to make sure your reports are accurate, carefully considered and actionable.

Combines it with intelligent tools based on teachers’ needs

For example, our system will pre-populate your reports with student details from SIMS, determine your students’ genders, then use the correct personal pronouns in your comments.

Another few seconds saved, every time you write a report.

Giving you considered, tailored, professional school reports in a fraction of the time.

You can choose from one of our professionally designed report templates, or import your own existing school report template using mail merge.

And if you need a hand with your first (or second or third) import, we’re here to help!

How ReportBox works & Frequently Asked Questions
See plans & prices Every plan has a money-back guarantee

Over 300 UK Primary Schools are already using ReportBox. We get a lot of thank you email.

I just wanted to say what a fantastic program you have created. So much better than anything I've used before. The majority of my staff have found it very easy and the standard of reports is certainly streets ahead of last year.

Mrs Broughton, Head Teacher, Bedfont

ReportBox is simple, clear and easy to use. Its flexibility made writing reports so easy.

Mrs Mason, ICT Co-ordinator, Coventry

ReportBox is brilliant! It lets you focus on actually writing reports, all in one place, rather than editing endless documents.

Mr Harrison, ICT Co-ordinator, Warwickshire