Writing end-of-year reports is important, but there has to be a better way.

We’ve been there — juggling dozens of Word documents, spending hours copying and pasting comments between students with similar abilities, then poring over your reports for hours, spell checking, checking pronouns and sorting out the formatting to make everything fit.

We knew there had to be a better way. That’s why we invented ReportBox.

If you haven’t watched our demo video yet, we’d highly recommend it.

It’s the best way to see how ReportBox can help you in your end-of-year report writing.

Meet the founders

ReportBox was started by Rachel and Stuart Johnston, a husband-and-wife team who saw first hand how painful end-of-year reports could be for teachers. Today it’s developed and supported by a team of developers, designers and support people.

Rachel is a qualified primary school teacher. She came up with the original idea for ReportBox, and makes sure we’re always focused on meeting the needs of teachers.
Stuart is the technical brains behind ReportBox. He’s Technical Director at Atto Partners, a digital agency building web-based software for clients like Channel 4, the NHS and the BBC.

We think you’re going to love ReportBox. Here’s why...

Better quality end-of-year reports

With a built-in spell checker, personal pronoun checker, and customisable professional report templates, ReportBox will help you focus your time and effort on the most important parts of report writing.

Your reports, just how you like them

You can choose to use our professional report templates, or we can help you merge your school’s existing report template, free of charge.

You can create your own bank of commonly used comments and personalise them as you apply them to your students. You’ll also have access to our shared comment bank of over 15000 comments, just to get you started. ReportBox doesn’t force you to use pre-prepared comments.

Secure & backed up automatically

ReportBox uses encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure. ReportBox is also backed up off-site regularly to multiple locations.

Saving (a lot) of time

Teachers tell us that they save up to 40% of their report-writing time the very first year they use ReportBox. After your first year setup, teachers tell us that they save up to 80% of their report-writing time, and still end up with better quality reports.

Available any time, anywhere

You don't need to be in school to complete your reports. There’s no software to install, and you can access to ReportBox from any Computer — PC, Mac or Tablet. As long as you have an internet connection, you can connect to ReportBox.

Easy student import

Get started quickly by importing your student list from your school information manager. ReportBox has an easy to use wizard to walk you through the process, or our support team can help you if you’d prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do your Reports look like?

You can customise our report template to suit your school. You can easily change things like the font, size and style. Download PDF samples of our reports: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3 or Example 4.

Can I use my own template?

Yes. We can even help you set it up if you’d like. All part of the service.

Can we have more than 1 template?

Yes, absolutely. For example you can have different templates for each Key Stage. We can even help you set this up.

Will teachers be able to access children in other classes?

Yes, if they are given permission. It works great for teachers who do PPA cover or specialist staff who teach a specific subject across the school.

Do you support the new curriculum?

Yes, ReportBox is very flexible. Subjects can easily be changed to reflect the new curriculum. And you can use different templates for the different reporting requirements of each year.

Do you cater for Early Years?

Yes we do and we have a special template just for it. We can help you set this up if you would like to use it.

Are there already comments that we can use?

Get access to over 15,000 comments shared by schools using ReportBox. You can create your own bank of comments and personalise each as you apply them to your pupils. ReportBox doesn't force you to use pre-prepared comments.

Will it work on my….

Whether you've got a Mac, PC or tablet, ReportBox will work on your computer. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Is it secure?

ReportBox uses 256-bit encryption to ensure your data is safe and secure. ReportBox is also backed up off-site regularly to prevent against data loss.

Can job share teachers use it at the same time?

Yes. No need to wait until another teacher has finished with a document. You can work on the same set of reports at the same time.